Emotional Freedom Technique: A Success Story!

After training in Emotional Freedom Technique some years ago I was asked to be a guest on a radio station on the south coast of England. The show was about weight loss, however when I arrived I found out that they had more in store for me. The show presenter wanted to do something on air to demonstrate the effectiveness of the therapies that I practiced, so that his listens could understand the process which I used.

What he had in mind was to help someone with a phobia of heights to feel comfortable on the top of a high building.

In fact he had roped in his fellow presenter who co-hosted the breakfast show on the same station. This guy really was petrified when in came to heights. From what I can remember this guy even had an issue with being on level three of the building that we where using for the experiment.

This was certainly going to be a challenge and failure 오피탑 was definitely not an option. There was too much riding on this for that to be the case. I was getting coverage on two different shows so I wanted this to be a success.

When the time come to help this guy, I started with Hypnosis which we done off 오피탑 air and in the offices of the station. This really helped him to relax and feel ready to take the next step. Luckily the presenter that had invited me had found the largest building in the city and had gained permission to use it for the experiment. While stood at the base of the building the guy that I was working with was already getting nervous as he know what was coming.

This is when I decided to try out EFT. We done one round of treatment and then ascended to the first floor. When we got there he felt happy, however still felt nervous due to the task that laid ahead. We then done a further three rounds of EFT and we saw a definite change in him. At this point he started walking to the top of the building he seemed so eager that it was actually hard to keep up with him at this point.

When we got to the top he was fine in fact he was more that fine he was ecstatic! Really excited that something that had held him back for so long was now gone and he was feeling 100% comfortable about it.


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